LIVE · Workshop on Live Programming

Instadeq: A Live Programming Environment for End User Data Analysis and Visualization

Mariano Guerra, Javier Dall' Amore

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Part of the Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Live Programming (LIVE 2021).


Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, create, and communicate data as information.

Gartner defines a citizen data scientist as “a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics, but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics”.

Which tools are available to data literates and citizens data scientists?

We present Instadeq: a live programming environment for people without coding skills that allows them to consume, transform, aggregate, filter, visualize and share charts, dashboards, data driven presentations and simple data viewer applications using a visual language for structured queries and formulas.

Instadeq is inspired by Spreadsheets, Notebooks, Structured Editors and Visual Programming.

The current design has evolved by experiences acquired developing 3 products in this category used by non-technical users for the last 8 year.

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