LIVE · Workshop on Live Programming

All Past LIVE Programs

LIVE 2021 Online and in Chicago

(Keynote) Software as Computational Media abstract video Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose

Joker: A Unified Interaction Model For Web Customization abstract video Kapaya Katongo, Geoffrey Litt, Kathryn Jin , Daniel Jackson

Instadeq: A Live Programming Environment for End User Data Analysis and Visualization abstract video Mariano Guerra

Modifiable Software Systems: Smalltalk and HyperCard abstract video Josh Justice

Peer-to-peer Syncing and Live Editing of Shared Virtual 3D Spaces: Challenges and Opportunities abstract video Edward Misback, Steven L. Tanimoto

Enhancing Liveness with Exemplars in the Newspeak IDE abstract video Gilad Bracha

Supporting Network Editing and Experimentation for Novice Deep Learning Programmers abstract Chunqi Zhao, Tsukasa Fukusato, Jun Kato, Takeo Igarashi

TypeCell: A New Live Programming Environment for the Web abstract video Yousef El-Dardiry

Restructuring Structure Editing abstract video David Moon, Cyrus Omar

Inkbase: Programmable Ink abstract video Joshua Horowitz, Szymon Kaliski, James Lindenbaum

LIVE 2020 Online

(Keynote) Liveliness, Reactivity, and Interactivity in the Future of Notebook Programming abstract video Mary Beth Kery

Toward a Multi-Language and Multi-Environment Framework for Live Programming abstract pdf video Hidehiko Masuhara, Shusuke Takahashi, Yusuke Izawa, Youyou Cong

Toward Providing Live Feedback in Web Automation IDEs abstract video Rebecca Krosnick, Stephen Oney

NBSafety: Fine-Grained Lineage for Safer Jupyter Notebooks abstract web video Stephen Macke

Mito: Edit a spreadsheet. Generate production ready Python. abstract web video Jacob Diamond-Reivich

Functional Block Programming and Debugging abstract video Dimitri Racordon, Emmanouela Stachtiari, Damien Morard, Didier Buchs

Exploring Human-in-the-loop Program Synthesis with Live Coding abstract video Mark Santolucito

Sketchable Interaction - End-User Customization via Interactive Regions abstract video Jürgen Hahn, Raphael Wimmer

Data Theater: A Live Programming Environment for Prototyping Data-Driven Explorable Explanations abstract pdf video Sam Lau, Philip Guo

ManipML: Towards Bimodal Tangible Functional Programming abstract video Brian Hempel, Ravi Chugh

Wrap-up Discussion and Feedback video

LIVE 2019 in Athens

(Keynote) Dark: a holistic programming language Paul Biggar

Steady Typing Yair Chuchem, Eyal Lotem

Mech - A Programming Language for Data Driven, Reactive Systems Corey Montella

Context-Oriented Live Programming Environments with Mixed Reality System for IoT Education Ikuta Tanigawa, Harumi Watanabe, Nobuhiro Ohe, Mikiko Sato, Nobuhiko Ogura, Takeshi Ohkawa, Kenji Hisazumi, Akira Fukuda

An Exploratory Literature Study on Live-Tooling in the Game Industry Tom Beckmann, Christian Flach, Eva Krebs, Stefan Ramson, Patrick Rein, Robert Hirschfeld

Userland: creating an integrated dataflow environment for end-users web Hisham Muhammad

Puppy: An Educational Simplification of Python with a Live Playground web Taku Tada, Yuka Akinobu, Makoto Sakane, Kimio Kuramitsu

Histogram: You have to know the past to understand the present Tomas Petricek

(Keynote) The Act of Computer Programming James Noble

LIVE 2018 in Boston

(Keynote) Against The Current: What We Learned From Eve Chris Granger

From Debugging Towards Live Tuning of Reactive Applications pdf Ragnar Mogk, Pascal Weisenburger, Julian Haas, David Richter, Guido Salvaneschi, Mira Mezini

Margin Notes: Automatic code documentation with recorded examples from runtime web Geoffrey Litt

PANE: Programming with visible data web Joshua Horowitz

Realtime Annotations & Visualizations in Live Coding Environments web Charles Roberts

Espalier: a structured spreadsheet tool for end-user development of organizational applications video Matt McCutchen, Shachar Itzhaky, Daniel Jackson, Willow Jarvis

Hazel: Live and Direct Functional Programming with Holes preprint Cyrus Omar, Ian Voysey, Matthew Hammer, Ravi Chugh

REPLugger: a pleasant and scalable live coding editor Glen Chiacchieri

Scaling the REPL Experience Yair Chuchem, Eyal Lotem

SVG Programming by Direct Manipulation of Intermediates Brian Hempel, Ravi Chugh

Chalktalk: A Visualization and Communication Language -- As a Tool in the Domain of Computer Science Education Ken Perlin, Zhenyi He, Karl Rosenberg

LIVE 2017 in Vancouver

(Keynote) User Interfaces for Live Programming Jun Kato

Reifying Programming Jonathan Edwards

Live Programming as Gradual Abstraction Sean McDirmid

(Keynote) Becoming Alive, Growing Up Luke Church

Toward a Live Stepper for Typed Expressions with Holes Cyrus Omar, Ian Voysey, Matthew Hammer

Whatever You Say, Happens: Live Creation of VR/AR Experiences Mike Johnston

Shadama: A Particle Simulation Programming Environment for Everyone Yoshiki Ohshima, Bert Freudenberg, Dan Amelang

Seymour: Live Programming for the Classroom Saketh Kasibatla, Alessandro Warth

ZenSheet: a live programming environment for reactive computing Enzo Alda, Monica Figuera

Anansi: a Tracing Interpreter Scott Kovach

LIVE 2016 in Rome

(Keynote) The Promise of Live Programming Sean McDirmid

Language Hacking in a Live Programming Environment Patrick Dubroy, Saketh Kasibatla, Meixian Li, Marko Röder, Alessandro Warth

Towards Live Language Development Gabriël Konat, Sebastian Erdweg, Eelco Visser

Live Programming with Code Portals Alexander Breckel, Matthias Tichy

Live end-user programming: a demo/manifesto Jonathan Edwards, Jodie Chen, Alessandro Warth

Live Programming by Example: Using Direct Manipulation for Live Program Synthesis Christopher Schuster, Cormac Flanagan

Live Literals Tijs van der Storm, Felienne Hermans

Liveness for Verification Roly Perera, Simon J. Gay

(Keynote) Leveraging live programming in the classroom — an experience report Alessandro Warth

Live Tuning: Expanding Live Programming Benefits to Non-Programmers Jun Kato, Masataka Goto

Sintr: Experimenting with liveness at scale Luke Church, Mariana Marasoiu, Alan Blackwell

LIVE 2013 in San Francisco

A Perspective on the Evolution of Live Programming Steven L. Tanimoto

The thing on the screen is supposed to be the actual thing David Ungar, Randall B. Smith

The Threnoscope: A Musical Work for Live Coding Performance Thor Magnusson

Introducing Circa: A Dataflow-Based Language for Live Coding Andrew Fischer

Improvisation on a live-coded mobile musical instrument using urMus Sang Won Lee, Cameron Hejazi, Bruno Yoshioka, Georg Essl

Visual Code Annotations for Cyberphysical Programming Ben Swift, Andrew Sorensen, Henry Gardner, John Hosking

Conception Dmitri Shuralyov

Interactive Code Execution Profiling Alexandre Bergel

Making Methods Live in Newspeak Gilad Bracha

Code Hint Joel Galenson, Philip Reames, Rastislav Bodik, Koushik Sen

Live Feedback on Behavioral Changes Gustavo Soares, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Rohit Gheyi

Live Logic Programming Spencer Rugaber, Zef Hemel, Kurt Stirewalt

Semantic Deltas for Live DSL Environments Tijs van der Storm

Euclase: A Live Development Environment with Constraints and FSMs Stephen Oney, Brad A. Myers, Joel Brandt

Co-evolution as the Key for Live Programming Remo Lemma, Michele Lanza

Live Mashup Tools: Challenges and Opportunities Saeed Aghaee, Cesare Pautasso

SOMETHINGit: A Prototyping Library for Live and Sound Improvisation Tomohiro Oda, Kumiyo Nakakoji, Yasuhiro Yamamoto

Noise: Human-readable graphics language Tom Brow

Avocado: Programming JavaScript in a Self-ish Environment Adam Spitz, Josh Flowers