LIVE ยท Workshop on Live Programming

Mito: Edit a Spreadsheet. Generate Production Ready Python.

Jacob Diamond-Reivich


Part of the Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Live Programming (LIVE 2020).


Mito is an editable spreadsheet inside a Jupyter notebook. With Mito, you can call your data frame as a spreadsheet, which you can edit in a point and click way, utilizing all the functions you have come to know in Excel. Every edit is then converted into production ready Python. This allows the users to create repeatable spreadsheet workflows, something that Excel struggles with. There are two large user segments for this tool. The first is the Python user who wants to do more analysis in a point and click way and still generate repeatable code. The second is the spreadsheet user who wants to learn Python. They can edit the Mito spreadsheet and see the resultant Python that is generated, teaching them the correct syntax. The ultimate vision is to bring spreadsheet and Python workflows together in one tool, allowing business analysts and data scientists alike to work together.


Workshop Presentation